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About Voodoo

I consider myself lucky, because my work is my hobby. In my free time I often experiment with design and code and do something not for a client, but just for fun. This is how this project came out. The topic was chosen pretty randomly. I gathered information, made a design and implemented it into a project that eventually made it to the front page of Awwwards.

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Brazilian Kandomble Voodoo

Rada, Petro and Ghede Loa families

How to make a zombie

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October 2020

The Last Drop

Brand identity for a company that makes products for latte art champoinships and training. Logotype, brand colors, “fake milk” concentrate, printed cards with art, that has to be implemented on a coffee drink, Instagram identity and a little more.

Fake milk concentrate

Latte art cards

Instagram profile

Tote bag

October 2021


Sportgate is a mobile app that helps organize your sport routine in a couple clicks. I was responsible for the front-end part of this website, and my dear friends from eleveneleven were working on the UX and UI of the App itself, and then the case study website.

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Onboarding screens


Mobile UX


Sport venues map

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January 2019

The Great Lake

When I moved to Chicago, it was very important for me to find an place to live within a walking distance to the lake. It's been few years now, and i still enjoy Lake Michigan regardless of the season. When it came to choosing a theme for my new personal project – it was an easy choice. See the project to learn more about this cool lake, and come visit, of course.

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I shot this video at the Montrose Beach

Learn about beaches and dunes

Visit ‘em all?

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April 2021

Please open this one on your computer

This project consists entirely of autoplay fullscreen videos, which look super bad on tablets and phones, so for your best experience i turned them off for this devices, sorry.


December 2020

Mariti Beauty

Mariti beauty is a russian brand of organic cosmetics for kids and teenagers. Vegan, cruelty-free products for face and body care. I was developing their branding identity: logotype, color system, prints, packaging, instagram identity, tote bags, t-shirts.




Instagram profile

May 2021

Drag and throw
them around

3D Factory

This model was created from scratch as an improvisation 3d concept art project. The only reference i had was an old little factory I saw in Philadelphia.

11/2021 – Present

More 3d Stuff

This is fine


iPhone deconstructed




My lamp

GO2UI Design Kit for Figma

GO2UI is a time-saving solution for building your design library, allowing you to focus on the design process itself. With a wide range of components and styles, you can effortlessly create professional-looking interfaces without starting from scratch.

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in Figma

May 2023

Hey! I’m Anya Sherriuble, an award‑winning designer, CSSDA Judge, front‑end developer and contemporary artist. Happy to see you on my website, scroll down to see what I’ve been up to recently.
Also, you can draw here, try it out!


showing off

The Great

A personal project, dedicated to the Lake Michigan. General information, places to go, things to do, fish to catch, lighthouses, shipwrecks and more.

Hairstylist Jane Minina

A website for a talented hairstylist, and my dear friend Jane Minina. Check out some of her work, and if you live in Chicago, book an appointment :)

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3d Factory

This model was created from scratch as an improvisation 3d concept art project. The only reference i had was an old little factory i saw in Philadelphia.

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